Shibboleth is a high powered weight loss program considered a phenomenon by many. Shibboleth offers a unique learning system and unique tools for the person looking to completely overhaul their life. Whether at one of our Care Centers, Group Classes or Online, we will provide you access to the tools and resources you need. You provide the determination and 30 minutes to 1 hour of your time with me per week for the first 5 weeks to focus on WHO you are! Shibboleth is not for the person who is "on the fence". You are all in or all out. I am here to help you, but I also need you to help me. Your peers will count on you just as you will count on them to be there when you lose focus. We will be an extension of your family for as long as you desire! ~ Joe Hite

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Our Testimonies

“Yesterday wore a pair of pants to work. By lunch they were miserably so loose that I went to Belk and bought me a new pair of pants (for $8.99), same brand and style. Morning was wearing a size 16 and in the afternoon size 12!!!! Praise the Name of the Lord!!!!”

Belinda Patrick Judd‎

“I called because I had stalled at weight loss. Talked with Sasha and she looked everything over and helped me see where I needed to make adjustments to kick start again. This program and everyone working there are wonderful. I’m glad I found this lifestyle.”

Terri Gerling

“In the last couple of days I had the pleasure of meeting (over the phone) Amy & Sasha when running into a technical issue,and also had several questions about the program,as I am only celebrating 1 week on! They both exuded kindness, patience,and showed excellence in walking me through my issues,and by the time we hung up,I felt confident in moving on to my next step of the program.Thank you for the personal attention that you showed me! God bless!”

Tracey Smith